Friday, 1 February 2008

Wii, 2 3 4..

I love me some wii. It has been gathering dust slightly of late though, not through any real fault of its own, rather fate seems set against it. My copy of mario has been hijacked, and my endless ocean has a game breaking scratch on the disc. Bugger. I could finish off metroid I suppose but, that has been feeling like hard work lately, and the easy charms of COD 4 have been proving too seductive. I'll do it at some point.

This wii fit business though, I don't know what to make of. On seeing it for the first time I slapped my forehead and declared to noone in particular, "they're going to make a fortune" - and this seems an accurate prediciton so far - but will it have the same impact outside of japan? And do I care? No, whether it does well or not is not my concern, will I buy it is. And I still don't know the answer. If my track record for purchasing nintendo hardware is anything to go by, I'll be in the queue on release day. But can I actually see myself doing yoga in the front room.. meh, maybe?

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