Monday, 11 February 2008

GTA IV : Do Want

GTAIV has a spiffy new website up, with lots of things to fiddle with. While always lurking in the pit of my consciousness, I am now reminded why this game is going to be great. People have shown concern that the move to a more realistic GTA may leave the world shorn of its irreverant humour, but the website just confirms that its as biting as ever. Checkout the section promoting the high fructose corn syrup drink "Sprunk" (Sprunk is definitely down), and the brilliant take on Stomp - "Banging trashcan lids for an hour".

The "Love meet" personality test is also worth a look - apparently my genitals are "ragged from overuse".

Oh there's also lots of character videos and new screenshots, but no one cares about that sort of stuff do they? April 29th needs to get a move on.

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intef22 said...

i am also looking forward to the GTA IV release... delayed as it may be. Although i must say, the delay of Haze made me a little more sad.