Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Cloverfield: Like the trailer, but longer

So, Cloverfield then, just saw. Interesting. Such a simple premise, makes you wonder just what we were all expecting. On reflection not a lot really, it is literally an extension of the trailer. Wait, all films are. What I mean to say is that there is nothing to happen in this film that you can't imagine from the trailer. Nothing, not a one thing. Another good argument for me to give up watching trailers completely. That's not to say that what happens isn't good, not by any means. On the contrary there is much in here that is both thrilling and exciting. And these are good things. The images, aside from oftentimes being lifted straight from the recent memory of new yorkers and the world alike, are at times stunning, and the interest level never dips. Even the [some might argue] overlong first act was nicely paced for me. I might suggest that the film is roughly 5 minutes too long at t'other end though, allowing itself an indulgent money shot that is really not necessary, but that only slightly sours the otherwise fat free carnage and silliness that precedes it. I say silliness, the strength here is that it is largely played totally straight, and while the characters themselves are as shallow as you might expect in a blairwitchumentary, the situations around them are always pretty solid. You still get the feeling the guy would have turned the camera off though. Don't know how they'll ever get round that one. It'll be interesting to see how this veeery traditional monster mash does at the box office, up against such relatively highbrow fare as it is.

Anyway, it's undoubtedly worth a look. Reject the naysayers, sit near the front and get nauseous as exactly what you imagine will happen, does!

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