Friday, 15 February 2008

Nintendo Stars for wii points: Balls.

So I was really pleased when it was finally announced that there was going to be a use for those nintendo star things that come with every game. Since there had consistently been absolutely no purpose to them whatsoever (I dont need a zelda ringtone thanks, I er, have one), it was fantastic to hear that I would be able to trade them in for the entirely more worthwhile wii points.

We all waited patiently and as promised, nearly a year later, nintendo came good. So europe thought. I, as I suspect many others found, that on the day the site was impossible to get into. Everyone was cashing their points in. I smugly hung back. "Whats the rush?" I smirked, "its not like they're going to run out". Right?

Er, no. Ever since that day, on visiting the site I have been greeted with the above screen. All denominations "sold out". This is of course bullplop. How can they sell out of codes randomly generated though an algorithm? I actually saw some available cards once, the smallest 100 point variety, useless in themselves since the minimum useable amount is 500. I bit the bullet and tried to buy a couple. Of course, I was only permitted to buy 1. A day. The next day they were naturally sold out. This means, to get the some 1000 points I am owed, I will have ammassed them by roughly... never. I have no intention of checking the site daily for the privelege of chipping away at the total I'm owed. Wtf nintendo? Give me my goddamn points like you promised! At least a notification that the cards are on sale would be nice.

Free is free, but if you're gonna give stuff away, don't give me a cynical, half arsed attempt. I have earned my stars, now hand over the points.

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