Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Zero Punctuated: COD4

Another fantastic review from the brit down under, and of a game I'm loving at the moment. So it must be shared, although I have nothing useful to add. I should do a post about why I love COD4 at some point, but right now I have a pie in the oven, and I'm just keen to get something other than the horror below at the top of the page. Enjoy!

Zero Punctuation at the Escapist

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Ulragirl said...

jesus christ, i say that is Prefab Delux. Brilliant! Unparalleled! To the F**king Point! Well, You left me speachless and of course great choice of tunes. I love the angst and the truth! You hit it word for word. Loved it w/a passion!

I just started a blog a couple of days ago. you better do the paypal thing if you want some fast cash. That's all I have for ya! but it works.