Wednesday, 30 January 2008


At last it's returning. At laaast. For every person I know who loves Lost, I know at least ten who gave up on it a long time ago. "Nothing ever happens" they whine. "It's all the bloody same" they moan. Balls. If it was any faster, I would have had an embolism over the summer, such was the giddy rate of revelation upon epiphany upon what the fuuucks. It was however so long ago, that I find myself wishing I'd squeezed in a refresher. Different parts of my brain frequently converse over everything that happened like drunks trying to order pizza.

"So, the others, long hair guy? ok? Ageing? Not ageing. Ummm Ok. Dharma gone, no Dharma. And with the flash forward with uh, yeah in the coffin... gets saved? who knows. Right and jacob. yeah. Big foot. With eye patch, regenerative shit man. So uh Locke? with the..uh.. yeah. Desmonds boat, yeah yeah penny? oh! Walt. Walt will know."

Although I do recall, and remain pleased that monoghan bought it, gurning tit that he is. He's bound to be back at some point though. Goddamn stupid crazy ass island, with its stupid ass box. But I really am intrigued to see where they go. The first episode of a season hasn't failed to surprise me yet, they get me every time those sly bastards. Will it be set now, looking back? Will it carry right on? How are they going to deal with Malcolm David Kelly being 8ft tall? The speculation is murder. Anyway, here's hoping that the writer's strike doesnt screw it up, and also here's hoping that the writers themselves don't just plain old fashioned screw it up. Look at what they did to Heroes! Do us proud kids! Now, to get bittorrent warmed up.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Dark night

So, we are all a bit gutted about Heath. Difficult to pin down the precis of why though. I didn't know him. I wasn't a particularly big fan of his work. I've still not even seen Brokeback. It may be that even though I hadn't seen all (or even that many of) his films, there was still somehow a sense he was good. You know, like really good. He had the air of an older, reverentially respected thesp. He looked and carried himself like a good actor. Nolan calls it charisma in this touching tribute. Obviously his being so young and his leaving a 2 year old daughter behind him may be causing the sting a little. But most reactions I've heard focus on what we have lost. We wont get to see the films he would have made. We wont get to see him reach his full potential. We will be a bit weirded out now watching the Dark Knight. I suppose these are fairly natural reactions, if a little self centred. I can certainly relate to that last one - its probably the source of the majority of my feelings on the guy. Strange now to think the ultimate sicko psycho fuck character will be his last performance proper, as brilliant and compelling as I am utterly convinced it will be. Indeed, to have got the Joker down, as I keep hearing he did, I doubt we're going to like him much. Hopefully Gilliam will salvage something a little more palatable from this latest disaster for all the mums and grans to remember him by. I'm sure the Joker will do for me.

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Other Heroes

Until such time as I identify what defines me as a blogger, I will continue to share , without compromising my pledge, my interests and what not. This guy is great, many have fallen for his ample charms, so have a care before watching. Also watching this you risk getting over excited that the future has literally arrived here in the present and you may simply give up on life. Whats the point of going to work or forming meaningful relationships, we'll all be pure energy soon right?

Aside from the awesome brilliance of this and his other adaptations of the Wii, it is surely the gentleman's sweet and earnest demeanour that has captured the hearts of so many. The slightly wild eyed donning of the IR glasses at 3:51 may give some pause about the hands our future is in, but I say they're maybe just crazy enough to make it work. Swing by his blog too and say hi from me, I'm too shy.

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Justify your blog

After some dabbling I can see this is going to be quite fun. So a mission statement is in order. A manifesto, a pledge. A promulgation. Heh. This is for the benefit of both you, my nonexistent readers, and myself. Mostly you. Even though you aren't there. Here it is:

This blog will not in any way facilitate the talking (writing) about me, by me (myself/I).

Thats it. Theres nothing more fucking tedious than reading some dudes "world view", or a story about my cat, or what a dreadful day I've had type blog. Thats why I dont read blogs. I certainly dont read yours. And that's probably why you're not reading this one... well done there. No instead, I'm going to look out for stuff that I've read or seen, and shamelessly slap it on my page with scarcely a thankyou. And thats it. And then maybe I'll write a simple, matter of fact explanation as to why I would do that. 500 words, tops. With very noncommittal opinions. Unless I'm very drunk. Its mostly going to be stuff about games, and films. I'll try and avoid anything meaningful, I've had it upto here with that shit. Pretty bog standard stuff then. I very much doubt there will ever be any original content herein, but that's what "teh internet" is all about no? Alright, good. Now we understand each other.

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Monday, 28 January 2008

Trilbys off to Mr Croshaw

This guys is so hot right now. His meteoric rise to internet fame is, to my mind, entirely justified, as his game reviews, if they can be so called, never fail to make me sneeze milk. His ramblings are quite brilliant, and his opinions seem consistently accurate in sentiment, although he clearly feels some obligation to find faults that may be a little overblown, usually in a wonderfully sweary way. Add in the lovingly crafted windows movie maker illustrations, stunningly simple in their execution and effectiveness, it makes for a piece of media we can be wholly grateful the internet has facilitated. For a change. Also its nice to see a Brit do well in the largely yankfested gaming/net/culture thing.

As a newly born blogger, I would be honoured to embed (is this correct intertube lingo?) one of Yahtzee's fine works. I urge you to go check the other vids, they is funny. I hope the guy doesn't feel too pressured to keep it up.

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Blogging Debut: flavour of the moment

So first ever blog post, on a blog of all places. As a deeply private person, due to innate tediousness more than reluctant keeper of secret & profound insights, an unusual move to be sure. But the possibilities of sharing ramblings can be in fact too much to bear for even the most uncommunicative, and a constructive outlet might be of some benefit to an otherwise stunted mind. Not to mention, a somehow far more satisfying indulgence than keeping a diary, which is just shit; if I'm going to bore myself witless writing and rehashing internet based verbal bumdrips, at least I can take some of you down with me.

Part inspired by watching some of the fucking weirdos extroverts that the interweb has seen fit to give carte blanche to, this seems a rather modest endeavour all told. Whether or not it is one I'll continue to invest my precious and irrevocable and oh sweet jesus I can literally see it falling out of me time in, we'll see. In the meantime, I'm going to post up a bunch of shit to see how my page looks.

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