Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Justify your blog

After some dabbling I can see this is going to be quite fun. So a mission statement is in order. A manifesto, a pledge. A promulgation. Heh. This is for the benefit of both you, my nonexistent readers, and myself. Mostly you. Even though you aren't there. Here it is:

This blog will not in any way facilitate the talking (writing) about me, by me (myself/I).

Thats it. Theres nothing more fucking tedious than reading some dudes "world view", or a story about my cat, or what a dreadful day I've had type blog. Thats why I dont read blogs. I certainly dont read yours. And that's probably why you're not reading this one... well done there. No instead, I'm going to look out for stuff that I've read or seen, and shamelessly slap it on my page with scarcely a thankyou. And thats it. And then maybe I'll write a simple, matter of fact explanation as to why I would do that. 500 words, tops. With very noncommittal opinions. Unless I'm very drunk. Its mostly going to be stuff about games, and films. I'll try and avoid anything meaningful, I've had it upto here with that shit. Pretty bog standard stuff then. I very much doubt there will ever be any original content herein, but that's what "teh internet" is all about no? Alright, good. Now we understand each other.

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