Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Other Heroes

Until such time as I identify what defines me as a blogger, I will continue to share , without compromising my pledge, my interests and what not. This guy is great, many have fallen for his ample charms, so have a care before watching. Also watching this you risk getting over excited that the future has literally arrived here in the present and you may simply give up on life. Whats the point of going to work or forming meaningful relationships, we'll all be pure energy soon right?

Aside from the awesome brilliance of this and his other adaptations of the Wii, it is surely the gentleman's sweet and earnest demeanour that has captured the hearts of so many. The slightly wild eyed donning of the IR glasses at 3:51 may give some pause about the hands our future is in, but I say they're maybe just crazy enough to make it work. Swing by his blog too and say hi from me, I'm too shy.

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