Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Dark night

So, we are all a bit gutted about Heath. Difficult to pin down the precis of why though. I didn't know him. I wasn't a particularly big fan of his work. I've still not even seen Brokeback. It may be that even though I hadn't seen all (or even that many of) his films, there was still somehow a sense he was good. You know, like really good. He had the air of an older, reverentially respected thesp. He looked and carried himself like a good actor. Nolan calls it charisma in this touching tribute. Obviously his being so young and his leaving a 2 year old daughter behind him may be causing the sting a little. But most reactions I've heard focus on what we have lost. We wont get to see the films he would have made. We wont get to see him reach his full potential. We will be a bit weirded out now watching the Dark Knight. I suppose these are fairly natural reactions, if a little self centred. I can certainly relate to that last one - its probably the source of the majority of my feelings on the guy. Strange now to think the ultimate sicko psycho fuck character will be his last performance proper, as brilliant and compelling as I am utterly convinced it will be. Indeed, to have got the Joker down, as I keep hearing he did, I doubt we're going to like him much. Hopefully Gilliam will salvage something a little more palatable from this latest disaster for all the mums and grans to remember him by. I'm sure the Joker will do for me.

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