Monday, 28 January 2008

Trilbys off to Mr Croshaw

This guys is so hot right now. His meteoric rise to internet fame is, to my mind, entirely justified, as his game reviews, if they can be so called, never fail to make me sneeze milk. His ramblings are quite brilliant, and his opinions seem consistently accurate in sentiment, although he clearly feels some obligation to find faults that may be a little overblown, usually in a wonderfully sweary way. Add in the lovingly crafted windows movie maker illustrations, stunningly simple in their execution and effectiveness, it makes for a piece of media we can be wholly grateful the internet has facilitated. For a change. Also its nice to see a Brit do well in the largely yankfested gaming/net/culture thing.

As a newly born blogger, I would be honoured to embed (is this correct intertube lingo?) one of Yahtzee's fine works. I urge you to go check the other vids, they is funny. I hope the guy doesn't feel too pressured to keep it up.

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