Wednesday, 30 January 2008


At last it's returning. At laaast. For every person I know who loves Lost, I know at least ten who gave up on it a long time ago. "Nothing ever happens" they whine. "It's all the bloody same" they moan. Balls. If it was any faster, I would have had an embolism over the summer, such was the giddy rate of revelation upon epiphany upon what the fuuucks. It was however so long ago, that I find myself wishing I'd squeezed in a refresher. Different parts of my brain frequently converse over everything that happened like drunks trying to order pizza.

"So, the others, long hair guy? ok? Ageing? Not ageing. Ummm Ok. Dharma gone, no Dharma. And with the flash forward with uh, yeah in the coffin... gets saved? who knows. Right and jacob. yeah. Big foot. With eye patch, regenerative shit man. So uh Locke? with the..uh.. yeah. Desmonds boat, yeah yeah penny? oh! Walt. Walt will know."

Although I do recall, and remain pleased that monoghan bought it, gurning tit that he is. He's bound to be back at some point though. Goddamn stupid crazy ass island, with its stupid ass box. But I really am intrigued to see where they go. The first episode of a season hasn't failed to surprise me yet, they get me every time those sly bastards. Will it be set now, looking back? Will it carry right on? How are they going to deal with Malcolm David Kelly being 8ft tall? The speculation is murder. Anyway, here's hoping that the writer's strike doesnt screw it up, and also here's hoping that the writers themselves don't just plain old fashioned screw it up. Look at what they did to Heroes! Do us proud kids! Now, to get bittorrent warmed up.

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