Friday, 6 February 2009

Where you gonna run to?

Exciting times at the Treehouse, it gives me great pleasure to welcome aboard a new contributor, S1nnerman. A seasoned gamer and generally well rounded human being, S1nner will be offering his views on games, films, tv, photography, public transport, tupperware and animal trapping, and his arrival ushers in a great new era for the Treehouse, which I'm certain will be updated on a much more regular basis with the formation of a "crew". Innit.

As you may surmise, S1nner leans towards a more PS3-y outlook on gaming, a field sorely lacking attention round here, mainly cos I ain't got one. So I look forward to lots of lively debate about why a version of a game is "teh suck" on the other's console of choice, and why one platform exclusive is far superior over the others and probably sounds the death knell for their respective, inferior, console. That said, we both have wiis.

Game on!

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