Saturday, 14 February 2009

Full Fat Half Life

Goddamn there are some talented people about. Take a look at this ridiculously impressive Half Life inspired short, apparently made on a next to nothing budget, and shot between periods of hiding from security. Wisely steering clear of everyones favourite bearded mute, who is essentially impossible to bring to the screen as a character (he's a mute! And if he isn't a mute, he isn't Gordon!) , this centres around a pair of rebels fleeing town at the start of episode 1. Sure the actual acting is slightly ropey, but to my mind this proves a Half Life film could totally work as a blockbuster; look at those gunships! And that strider explosion is freaking amazing! Hell even their logo is impressive. Maybe we could just see Gordon doing something heroic from a distance now and again, you know, like Jesus in Ben Hur? Nice crowbar action in there too.

This is going to have legs mark my words. Valve have already flown the responsible pair out to their HQ for a chat, and we know they have a history of backing and nurturing talented types. It really makes me want to get myself a Mac and learn to use after effects. It also makes me want to go and blow the crap out of City 17 for the 17th time.

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