Friday, 13 February 2009

"Death is in my blood ..."

Those are the wonderful words that almost set off a reaction from me of orgasmic proportions! My body shivered, my spine tingled, my jaw dropped, my eyes seared with the beautiful imagery flashing before them. The smooth framerates, the blood, the (many) enemies, the cyclops ... the word 'epic' will simply not be adequate to describe this game when it's released. Kratos will be with us soon and, in his own wise words, "in the end there will be only chaos". Woooo-hooo! With bigger bosses, more enemies, new fighting mechanics - can any game of this genre get any better?

I feel like a giddy school girl with a crush - in other words, I'm smitten and deeply happy but I don't wear a skirt. Not in public anyway. GOWIII is scheduled for release on 25/09/2009. It simply can't come quick enough.

1 comment:

Munial said...

hmm, looks ok..
God of War = Dragons lair with tits ;)

No, it looks v cool...