Thursday, 23 April 2009

PS3 brings exclusive Batman content to the table, wins console war

S1nnerman and I have one of those friendly banter with undercurrents of potential violence console relationships. He's PS3, I'm Xbox, we both own the superior console. He has the state of the art, silent running, future proof, all powerful black panther entertainment centre, while I have the pinnacle of pure-bred gaming machines with an unmatched games library and peerless online play. He points out mine sounds like a plane taking off and is likely to drop dead at any moment. I observe that most cross platform games look better on mine despite the mighty cell, and that he essentially owns an expensive dvd player. We both of course have better exclusives than each other. Killzone? Ha I think not he cries. Pfft I respond, big whoop, where's your GOW? We're on GOW III fool, he retorts. Gears 3, I chortle, what have you been smoking?? This can go on for days. In fact, it's the never ending verbal diarrhoea of two souls who both know they're right, and it's one that's been played out since the dawn of man. With rocks.

The undeniable truth regarding the exclusives however, is of course that I'm right! Gears, Mass Effect, Fable, Left 4 Dead, maybe even Halo! Never mind the AAA downloadable content around at the moment like the Fallout trilogy and GTA4. No, maybe when Team ICO drop something, I might have call for jealousy, by which time I may even pick one up as it will be 2020. That's what I thought anyway. But no, I 've cause for envy sooner than that with the news on Batman: Arkham Asylum, as reported on Kotaku. The game looks great. I am excited for the game. What I would also be excited about is the chance to play as the Clown Prince of Crime himself! And not in some half assed beat em up kind of way, but in a sneaky, silent take-down with uproarious cackling afterwards across a series of exclusive challenge maps kind of way. In fact I'm not even sure I can imagine what the game play as the Joker will be like, but it would clearly be awesome with alot of potential for acid spewing flowers, electrocuting hand buzzers and er, deadly toxic lipstick with which to subdue your enemies? Although yet to be officially confirmed, the evidence that was, apparently inadvertently, on display in Home is fairly compelling. Damn you Rocksteady and by association Sony. You finally made me green. Shaddup S1nner!

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S1nnerman said...

I'm saying nothing ... except that, as a fellow gamer, you're welcome to play on my PS3 whenever you like to help make up for (how do I put this delicately?) the slight deficiencies of your xbox360;)

Be a gamer. Not a hater :)