Saturday, 17 January 2009

2009 hatez ur xboxes

So yes, it finally happened. As 2008 limped out of our lives (happy new year by the way) my poor little overworked xbox gasped, keeled over, twitched a bit and finally carked it. I couldn't quite believe it had happened - I thought it was one of those myths and legends of gaming lore that gamers tell their kids to frighten them, but it was all true and really happening. With a few days of valuable game playing holiday remaining as well. Bugger. It was Far cry 2 what done it. Clearly rendering all those pretty sunsets was too much for my Elite, which I had purposely held out for so as to avoid this situation.

Of course, I was straight on the blower to Microsoft, where a very helpful young man called Ryan with a bizarrely unidentifiable accent processed my claim. "Yes" I said. "Its the red ring." He was very comforting when I started weeping. So anyway, the claim is processed quick smart, and in a matter of days, UPS turn up to pick it up. Being at my parents for Christmas of course, that was where it is to be delivered back to, and some 2 weeks later, it has just arrived back there. Fairly impressive. But I cant get it off them for another week. Sheesh. With a bit of luck they will have replaced the console, and my new rig will be home to the fabled Jasper enhanced mother board. Here's hoping eh? I'm itching to get back to GOW and the rest. What a start to the year eh?

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