Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sad songs

As if in response to me declaring my love for their work, the fabulous, amazing creators of World of Goo have made available their brilliant soundtrack to their brilliant game, completely for free and with no strings. Could these guys get any cooler? Go. Get. It.

This adds another geeky string to my Ipod to cause potential goo-ey situations when randomly asked what am I listening to. With this soundtrack however I can hold my head high, being infinitely more palatable to the ordinary ear as it is than, say, the water temple theme, which I also have on my pod. Along with a bunch of other Zelda tunes and most of Mario Galaxy's epic orchestrals. And Bioshock's 30's fest. Fallout 3 may be next - although those 2 don't really count featuring, as they do, "proper" songs. Oh and also "Still Alive", which does count and is pretty geeky. But everyone has that right? Truly, these days you can measure your obsessions by the contents of your pockets. Or am I alone in this and as sad as I sometimes think? Do you have gaming soundtracks on your MP-player of choice? Do you actually listen to them while wandering around out in the real world? Geeks!

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