Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Futuristic advertising will be vulnerable to hi-tech bluetooth graffiti!

Not really of course, no, this is another example of the astonishing creativity unleashed when someone really creative gets their hands on enabling tech, or as is the case more often than not these days, a wiimote. Martin Lihs' thesis turns a simple run of the mill back projected screen displaying a flash programme into a virtual wall that can be realistically interacted with (or bombed as the kids say) via a wiimote plugged into a snazzy looking faux aerosol can, complete with groovy internal lighting that changes colour when you select a new colour onscreen (instant win).

Ok, so you don't get a lot of walls or ads in public comprised of back-projected pc screens, but this is still a very very cool little project. Check out how the spray stays consistent with a real can (although admittedly my tagging days are over) and even accommodates virtual stencils. For more virtual wii-nius have a look at wiiflash.org which is the amazing open source software that lets you create such applications. If only I knew how to code. Wait, it looks kinda easy..

Via Engadget

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Liisa said...

Also creative and 'harmless' spraying: http://www.mobispray.com/