Saturday, 16 May 2009

Buka pintu!

The world economy may be going down the pan, jobs maybe scarce and unemployment high, house prices may be low but high quality games are coming to a PS3 near you throughout 2009. Oh yes sexy mama! It is a good time to be a gamer. Larger than life, in your face HD on a 1080p flat screen TV and the love of a sweet girl by your side (ok, maybe not the latter). This is Living (I finally get it)! This blog is not to gloat (calm down Munial), it’s just a heads up at what is fast becoming a day one purchase for me. Watch the video, revel in the detail, the comedy, the action, the drama of it all. Then realise that this game is going to be multi-player too … awesome. Just amazing. Awww heck, I think I need to change my undies. Again.


Munial said...

Hmm, gotta say, thats looking pretty damn impressive..

S1nnerman said...

Your time will come ... eventually ;)