Monday, 29 September 2008

Flip Vids propagate internet detritus shocker

Cameras! Everywhere! Living in London, its not unusual, they're a part of life here and go largely unnoticed. We don't really see them as an infringement of our human existence and right to privacy, cos we're simply not doing anything interesting enough to want to watch, and if we are, we should expect to be watched. Except in the cinema, that's wrong. But what is also wrong is the sheer size of the cameras deployed amongst our friends and loved one these days. They're soo tiny wee and dainty, we don't stand a chance. Our friends are supposed to be just that, but nowadays we can't drink 18 pints and be sick at the back of the pub without someone sticking a tiny bond-esque spycam up our noses faster than you can say facebook. Before you know it, all our exes are sitting round together, having amusing picture evenings and laughing gaily while drinking chablis and reminiscing about what a drunken and unphotogenic twerp you really were.

Well it's only going to get worse, so get used to it. Photos are so passe, its all about the vidz now. As the tech continues to improve, we'll get that technicolour yawn in glorious slow-mo hi def, and eventually in 3-D. Now there's something to look forward to.

Anyway, flipvids are a cheap and nasty pocket cam thing that feels like it came out of a cracker, and in no way alludes to the bright futuristic technology we can look forward to years from now. But we did have a play with one and made a stupid vid, so enjoy! Do please comment on the youtube page, I got my first and it warmed my heart with it's youtuberiness.

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